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Creativity is part of our vision

Our march

BELGUO Informatics Sole proprietorship is a provider of online technical support services, And selling IT equipments (Computer , Networks , Security system ,etc.) We have operated in the information technology market from the Middle East to NYC, EU, UK, BE since 2009. We are located officially in Belgium. Our main goal is to offer our customers services of highest quality in the field of Business IT Solutions.


The services provided by us are based on highly specialised IT solutions based on IT Products, going through the full range of services including: (Website Design & Development , Computer Software’s , Online support , Hosting Services Web shop ,Consultancy Services, Managed IT Services ,etc.) delivering practical IT solutions and support for small and medium sized businesses. Trusted IT Services to provide these benefits to your business.


BELGUO Informatics Are for Consumers and Businesses across a wide range of computing and communications devices and software.
Have you ever felt the need of someone you can talk to when your computer is not working? Almost everyone who owns a PC today comes across a situation where he gets trouble with his machine, antivirus, software, printer or any other related component(s).
We help you with pleasure to build your company creatively.


Pride in delivering the highest possible quality, not in deliver solutions for which not guarantee stability, performance, etc.


Experience in delivering multi purpose IT solutions to support to businesses, technology lovers have experience spanning multiple sectors.


Committed to outstanding IT solutions & support that helps your business improve & make client completely satisfied with our work.


Our efficiency generates a high volume turns your company to resources like time, people, money into activities that serve the business.

All services in one place even all over the world