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Managed WiFi

What Is Managed Wi-Fi?

Managed WiFi provides WiFi Internet access for guests, students, customers and employees throughout the property. The design will typically include devices such as wireless controllers, Wireless Access Points (or WAPs), switches and extensive cabling.


Attract and keep employees mobile, and protect your private data with Wi-Fi for business.
High-density areas (optimised for 100+ guests per access point, if needed)
Upgrade with reliability and safety, users can get the best speed and solutions to surf.
Use any space as a place to install the equipment, while ensuring the coverage.
Scalable coverage from single rooms to multiple buildings.
Powerful security features,remote management and monitoring.

Wireless solutions for any environment

Many small businesses just don’t have the staff or time to deal with the maintenance and other tasks that come with providing wireless internet access. Managed wireless access frees up your staff’s time so they can worry about more relevant business matters, like providing great customer service or delivering an amazing product.


Centralised management of WiFi networks with the ability to load floor plans & analyse coverage area, as well as monitor connected users.
Traffic Management for WiFi users. Network Diagnostics to identify issues like users overloading bandwidth etc
Centralised authentication of clients on a dedicated Radius server or custom SQL-driven portal.
Full support for WiFi 802.11n MIMO technology supporting up to 300 Mbit/s for Corporate WiFi
UniFi AC access point supports 802.11 AC protocol capable of transmitting at speeds of 1300 Mbit/s.
Networking groups (subnets) with the ability to manage permissions
Isolated, secure guest Wi-Fi and multiple SSIDs, if needed.
MIME architecture (supports multiple client devices simultaneously).

Let’s work together on your next WiFi project,Arrange a no obligatory consultation.

The Network Engineer works with you to construct your project exactly the way you want it to be. Expert who uses the best performance to deliver every need for the services you are looking for, Network solutions are integrated with robust security and data protection.