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Penetration testing

Manage risk

Once vulnerabilities have been identified by penetration testing, you can start to strengthen your security and prevent attackers from exploiting these weak points in order to carry out an attack.

Web application testing

Protect applications such as websites, software & application programming interface, e-commerce platforms.

Infrastructure testing

Hackers will be looking to entry into your network ,We Protect your networks from accessing sensitive data from malicious threats.

Wireless network testing

Wireless networks can provide attackers with an initial foothold from which to attack your organisation.

Mobile application testing

Checking app is coded securely, Identify vulnerabilities & validate that is secure.

Cloud Security

Test applications and infrastructure hosted in public cloud environments, including security assessments.

Code Review

In depth security review of your source code by using a combination of manual and automated checks to look for security flaws.

Security Scan

Scanning small company, includes network & equipment devices, educating employees about protection at work.

Full protection

We follow the inspection and protection process for your organization, from equipment to all etc, on an ongoing basis.

Our approach

An experienced security consultant will explore your needs and agree the scope of work. We can use our extensive experience to help you find the right assessment.

Once your scope is complete we will size your requirements and provide a competitive quote, assign appropriate resources and agree a date for the work.

Security testing is conducted by our certified consultants, following our internal methodology, our consultants will be on-hand to directly discuss any issues and update you on progress.

At the end of the testing we provide a detailed report of issues based on priority, which is assessed on the potential for business impact, detailing identified issues and providing concise remediation steps.

Our job doesn’t finish on the delivery of the report, your test consultant will be available after the test to explain any aspect of the report.

Many of clients need to supply evidence of testing for security assurance purposes. We can supply documentation which will provide these assurances stakeholders.

Why use BELGUO


Essentially, a vulnerability assessment is an automated scan used to identify vulnerabilities while a penetration test aims to exploit those vulnerabilities to get a deeper understanding of the holes in your defences.

Along with their in-depth experience, Our team use a wide range of tools to identify vulnerabilities, including industry best practice open source and commercial applications; they select the appropriate tools for the scope of work.

The test will span anywhere from a week to a month, depending on the scope of work. For example, a simple website may take 1-2 days, while a more complex scope of work may take several weeks.

The threat is constantly evolving so a penetration test will only validate that your organisation’s IT infrastructure is not vulnerable to known issues on the day of the test. This is why testing should be performed regularly—many organisations commission regularly tests.

On completion of testing, the client can expect to receive the completed report within 7 days; however, any critical issues identified during testing will be communicated to the customer immediately. Any recommendations provided should be reviewed within the context of the business before implementing any remedial actions.

Where possible, we will perform tests on dev or test systems to avoid impact on production assets. Regardless of the system being tested, BELGUO consultants are always contactable during the test should a problem arise.

The cost is entirely dependent on the size of the systems or applications to be tested. Typical small to medium-sized organisations can expect to be quoted between 5 and 10 days of consultancy. This quotation may be significantly higher for larger organisations.

You get so much more with a pen test from BELGUO

Want to find out more about our penetration testing services? Our team are on hand to provide you with the information and support you need.